About GeneStreams

Welcome to Genestreams. I think of Genestreams in the following way. A gene pool is a snapshot in time. A genestream is the sum of the gene pools that flow through time. The Tree of Life is the sum of all Genestreams. When a species becomes extinct its genestream stops flowing through time. I believe that when people are shown how they are part of the Tree of Life they will be more likely to try to understand it and protect it. This project is focused on making the Tree of Life central to our daily existence through the Genestreams toolkit that is expressed in a range of mediums including public art, online learning and teaching, gaming and heritage tools. The way that humanity model’s economics could be used to protect natural systems and keep the Genestreams flowing however we presently do not do that, instead our monetization of natural systems has brought about the sixth great extinction event within the Tree of Life. Genestreams enhances the ability to visualise what is happening inside the Tree of Life and empowers people to act to preserve species. We are all stewards of the Tree of Life thus it is our personal responsibility to keep the genestreams of species flowing.